Web Stack Components

Web Stack is comprised or four main components. Certain components manage the print environment and release print jobs. Other components enable end-users to install drivers on their workstation, or the administrator to manually update drivers already installed on workstations.

Admin Console

The Admin Console is the management platform for the administrator to centrally manage every printer in your organization. The following image is a sample of the Admin Console interface.

PrinterLogic Client

The PrinterLogic Client is software installed on the end-users' workstations and it creates a connection between the workstation and the PrinterLogic server. This connection enables the Client to:

  • Install printers on the workstation
  • Install or update drivers on the workstation
  • Collect metadata for successfully submitted print jobs
  • Hold print jobs in a Print Queue
  • Release held print jobs to a destination printer

The Client is an essential piece of the overall Web Stack system because when the administrator makes changes (through the Admin Console), those changes need to be synced, or pushed out, between the drivers and profiles in the Admin Console and the drivers and profiles configured and installed on the end-users' workstations.

For example, HP releases a new driver for several of your printers; your PrinterLogic administrator updates the driver, the Client(s) recognize that there is an updated driver and the HP driver already installed on the workstations is automatically replaced with the new one. The connection between Web Stack and the installed Client(s) is what enables the driver update to occur.

The Client runs in the background on any workstation that has it installed and should not require any intervention on the part of the end user.

Self-service Portal

If you have ever worked in an unfamiliar environment, and you wanted to print a document, you know it can be a painful process to figure out where the drivers are located and whether you have permissions to install them. What if you could simply open a web page to install drivers for the printer just down the hall from the conference room in which you are working? Well, that's what the Self-service Portal does - it enables you to install drivers without asking anyone for help. The following image is a sample of the Self-service Portal.

Release Portal

The Release Portal lets an end-user release print jobs to a printer when ready. Any device with browser access (either through Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity) can be used to release print jobs through the portal. The following image is a sample of the Release Portal with a couple of print jobs waiting for the end-user to release them.