Custom Fields

The Self-service Portal displays a table (beneath the map) that shows a list of the printer objects that can be installed on a workstation.

Custom Fields Overview

Custom fields appear in this location as columns, which are added to the existing default columns: Printer Name, Driver, Location, and Comment. The custom field in this example displays the printer's ID (as identified by the column header, Printer ID. The value is populated by selecting a printer object in the Admin Console tree view, clicking the General tab, and setting the value in the custom field.

Setting up custom fields requires you to first create the custom field itself in Tools > Settings > General. Navigate to the Custom Printer Fields section to configure not only what the custom field looks like but also where it appears in the interface.

The Custom Printer Fields section contains one line item, which is, by default, disabled because neither of the check boxes (Enabled or Appears in Portal) has been selected. For the custom field to appear in the Admin Console General tab, click Enabled. The custom field displays in the General tab (when you select a printer object in the tree view).

The Printer ID custom field does not have any value in it; because it is a text / numeric type field, you can type the value you need.

For the custom field to also appear in the Self-service Portal, click Appears in Portal. The field displays as a column header. So, in this instance, Printer ID appears as the column header. Keep in mind that the custom field can be set on any printer object that is not configured as a Print Queue. The value you set in the field displays in the Self-service Portal under the Printer ID column.

The type of field that appears depends on the option you select. Text and Numeric displays a text entry field, and Yes / No displays a check box.

Setup a Custom Field

  1. Log in to the Admin Console.
  2. Click Tools > Settings > General.
  3. Navigate to the Custom Printer Fields section.
  4. (Optional) If you need a new custom field, click the plus sign (+).
  5. The Enabled button is selected by default, and it displays the custom field in the General tab.

  6. Click the Appears on Portal button; it displays the custom field in the Self-service Portal as a column in the list of printers that appears beneath the map (if one exists).

  7. Enter the Name of the custom field. The value you enter in the Name field displays in the General tab.

  8. Use the Type drop-down to select the type of the custom field. Text and Numeric fields are text-based. Yes / No fields are a check box.
  9. Click Save.

    Once you save a custom field, you will not be able to modify the Type.

  10. Click Return to Tree View.
  11. In the Admin Console tree view, select a printer object.
  12. In the custom field that appears, enter the desired text / number, or click the check box (yes / no).
  13. Click Save.
  14. Log in to the Self-service Portal.If you are already logged in to the Self-service Portal, just refresh your browser. The custom fields will appear in the table below a map.