PrinterLogic Features

The PrinterLogic application is comprised of two feature sets: Core Features and Advanced Features. These features give you have access to a complete printing solution that is stable, has unlimited scalability, and is easy to use for both admins and end-users.

These features are available in an On-Prem version, a SaaS version, and a Virtual Appliance version.

Core Features

The PrinterLogic Core features are the foundational parts of the application. These features are what makes the application so stable and usable.

These features give you more control over security by assigning customizable roles for admins, setting specific printer deployments to control who has access to printers, and configuring this access using Active Directory.

You can also empower your end-users by providing them the ability to install their own printers with a simple Self-service Portal, that does not require any admin rights, reducing help desk calls.

With robust reporting and SNMP monitoring you can also see what's happening in your printing environment in real-time, monitor what is being printed, who is doing the printing, and calculate printing costs.

Advanced Features

The workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade. Mobile devices are proliferating, and security is the watchword. PrinterLogic is already ahead of the trends, providing advanced features like Pull Printing, secure release printing, mobile printing, email printing, control panel applications, and much more. These features can be implemented across your enterprise with seamless integration and minimal fuss.