Safari 13 Support

To apply the fix that enables PrinterLogic to support Safari 13.

  1. Take a snapshot of the PrinterLogic server or perform a backup. Backup
  2. We strongly urge you backup the server or take a snapshot before any upgrade in the event the upgrade does not go as planned.

  3. Download and run the latest release (PrinterLogic 19.1 or later).
  4. It is vital that you run the installer at the server level.

  5. Open Safari (from a macOS client).
  6. Log in to the Self-service Portal.
  7. Install the Client Package (PKG).
  8. The default settings are sufficient for installation.

  9. When the installation is complete, quit the Safari session.
  10. Open the Self-service Portal again in Safari.
  11. Click Safari > Preferences > Extension.
  12. Click the Extensions tab.
  13. Make sure to select the check box next to the PrinterLogic extension.
  14. Close the Safari Preferences.