Admin Console User Accounts

A user account provides a user with credentials to log in to the Admin Console. By default, the root account user creates additional user accounts for other users. There are three types of accounts the root account can create, including Active Directory users, PrinterLogic users, and LDAP users. The difference between these three user types is the way in which the user's credentials are verified.

Active Directory user credentials and LDAP user credentials are both verified through the LDAP settings in Tools > Settings > General. PrinterLogic users are verified through the PrinterLogic database.

Even though Active Directory users and LDAP users are both verified via the LDAP settings, the difference between them is the way in which a user is added to PrinterLogic. Click Active Directory User to use the Windows interface to add a user. Click LDAP User to use an interface other than Windows to add a user; i.e., a Mac or Linux interface.

User Role Differences

AD Group / User requires the admin to be on a Windows machine that is joined to the same domain, whereas the PrinterLogic user does not require Active Directory and is not recognized by anything other than PrinterLogic; it is not part of any domain. The LDAP Group / User option is similar to the AD Group / User option with one exception - the admin does not need to be on a Windows machine or even joined to the same domain. This option is frequently used for administrators running macOS.

The LDAP Group / User option is available only if you have selected Enable LDAP administrative authentication in the LDAP settings (Tools > Settings > General).