Pull Printing

Pull Printing enables you to submit a print job to a virtual queue that holds the print job on your workstation until you choose to release it on a Pull Print-enabled Printer.

Pull Printing Overview

Without Pull Printing, print jobs release on the printer in order of arrival in the print queue. For documents with personal, financial, or confidential information, it can be a problem if you are not immediately ready to pick it up at the printer. Pull printing solves this problem by releasing the print job from the Release Portal, Mobile App or the Control Panel Application when you are ready.

Pull Printing requires two separate printer objects in the tree view. The first printer object is used as the virtual pull print queue and the second printer object represents the printer released to.

In order to use secure release printing, LDAP must be configured correctly in order for a user to authenticate at the printer to release.

Time to print depends on a number of factors, including size of the job and the type of printer, which might control how long it takes to start printing. However, after you click Release, expect the print job to be sent to the printer within 15 seconds. Mobile printing can be a little different since all mobile print jobs are sent, sequentially, by a central computer, which can be slower.