19.1 Release Notes

Build Number:

Update Link:Download SP3-3 Upgrade

Release Date: October 29, 2020

PHP Version: 7.2.34

MySQL Version: 8.0.17 (for new installs only)

Fixed Issues

  • Email Printing no longer fails when MS Office 2016 has been selected as the print handler.
  • The PrinterLogic client for Mac/Linux can now manage IPP printers.
  • Badge 5 decimal parsing environment variable functions as designed in PrinterLogic.
  • Identity Provider information from older PrinterLogic no longer causes a 500 error on check in.
  • Schedule reports no longer time out after 60 seconds and are generated as expected.
  • Print jobs appear as designed after badging into the PrinterLogicControl Panel Application.
  • Log files no longer build up and cause queue management failures.
  • SNMP alerts no longer causes errors in logs; alerts will be sent as designed.
  • The OM Plus failover server no longer overwrites data from the OM Plus primary server.
  • The RicohControl Panel Application installation no longer fails with Open JDK.
  • The Control Panel Application no longer presents an error when installing on HP printers.
  • You will no longer receive an error message when using Data Manager to import IP address range objects.