18.3 Release Notes

Build Number:

Release Date: January 28, 2019

PHP Version: 7.2.13

New Features and Interface Changes

  • Service Host has been renamed Service Client to prevent confusion with the generic term "Service Host." When you click New in the tree view menu, you will see Service Client as opposed to Service Host.
  • PrinterLogic now fully supports CAC/PIV Simple Badge Release.
  • The Printer Apps tab is new and appears when you select a service client object in the Admin Console tree view. This tab performs two primary functions - to enable administrators to add their own certificates and to the Control Panel Application install, and to enable or disable the installation or uninstall of the Control Panel Application 2.0 from the Apps tab.
  • The Apps tab is also new and appears when you select a printer object in the Admin Console tree view. This tab replaces the Pull Printing: Control Panel Application section of the Printers tab in pre-18.3 releases.
  • The Pull Printing: Control Panel Application section has been moved from the Printing tab to the Apps tab, as shown below.
  • Settings for enabling User Password Authentication, Single Sign-on, and PIN Authentication can now be found in Apps tab.
  • Installing and uninstalling of the Control Panel Application is now completed in the Apps tab.
  • In the General Settings (Tools > Settings > General), the CPA Authentication section has been rolled into the Control Panel Application section.
  • Printer Installer now supports PKI Encryption for Microsoft Office 365, which enables end-users to print encrypted Microsoft Outlook emails.
  • Printer Installer now supports landscape mode printing for Microsoft Office 365 and LibreOffice documents in email attachments.
  • PrinterLogic has resolved possible delays in Mobile Printing.
  • Printer Installer 18.3.1.x supports MySQL 8.0.13.

Fixed Issues

  • Direct Email Printing no longer fails due to case-sensitivity issues.
  • Miscellaneous HTML/Javascript errors no longer occur in Portal login pages.
  • Profiles now function correctly on MacOS (affected versions include
  • Control Panel Application on Lexmark printers no longer has issues starting and immediately quitting.
  • Filter used to delete badges from Badge Management now functions correctly.
  • Auth Code request no longer appears in the Portal; as a result, high CPU usage and authentication requests are no longer an issue.
  • In the Print Job Records report, with Folder selected as the Report Type, the Search In button shows folders as designed.
  • In Role-based Access Control, custom roles are no longer missing all permissions.
  • Printer Installer client is no longer having difficulty recognizing proxy PAC files.
  • Zend OPcache errors have been resolved.
  • Session highjacking, which can provide unauthorized access to the Portal, is no longer a security issue for PrinterLogic.
  • Google Cloud Print no longer shows an error when loading the magic MME library.

Known Issues

  • If you are updating from 17.1.1.x, and SNMP was previously enabled, you will need to re-enable SNMP when the update is complete.
  • Printing tab fails to load during the first-time visit.
  • On Xerox printers, the manual Control Panel Application fails when both Single Sign-on and Badge Authentication are enabled.
  • Currently testing Xerox VersaLink logout issues.