19.1 Release Notes

Build Number:

Link: Download PrinterLogic Upgrade

Release Date: August 19, 2019

PHP Version: 7.2.17

MySQL Version: 8.0.14 (for new installs only)

New Features and Interface Changes

Fixed Issues

  • Jobs processed by the Google Cloud Print service client no longer lock up.
  • Job Costing templates can now be added as designed.
  • Scheduled reports no longer become stuck with a rotating spinner wheel.
  • Logging in and out of EMR (formerly EPIC) print servers no longer causes printer installation failures.
  • As designed, the Mac client can now properly install printers from a cached location.
  • The Control Panel Application password no longer becomes encrypted on Ricoh printers.
  • Printer Job Records Report no longer delivers an error message (Whoops! Looks like something went wrong).
  • Adding or removing folders from the Admin Console tree view no longer throws a Javascript error.
  • Access Violation no longer occurs on certain PIV/CAC/PIV errors.
  • Landscape Printing now functions as designed in Google Cloud Print.
  • A user can now change the PIN in the Self-service Portal.
  • LDAP Sync now functions properly for large domains.
  • Data Manager now functions correctly on csv files with over 300 data lines.
  • Service Clients no longer timing out due to slow encryption.
  • SNMP Status Monitoring settings for Normal Conditions and Error Conditions have been added back to the Admin Console in Tools > Settings > General under the SNMP Settings section.
  • A high number of email print jobs will now process as intended.
  • SNMP v3 settings are no longer lost following an upgrade to 19.1.
  • PPP_Watchdog.exe file remains signed when you install the client.
  • OM Plus print queues defined in PrinterLogic now appear in OM Plus Destinations.
  • Imported Tree Views now update changes as designed.
  • Confirmation email for Direct Email Printing no longer states "Pull Printer."
  • Alternative login functions with the Control Panel Application function as developed.
  • LDAP error no longer occurs when exporting printer deployment data from Data Manager.
  • Export link in the Driver/Profile Repository no longer displays error that profile could not be downloaded.
  • Testing LDAP settings no longer results in 500 errors.
  • Xerox Altalink now allows the user to badge in when in Single Sign-on mode.
  • The PrinterLogic System Tray icon no longer disappears.
  • Print Job Records no longer displays "No Results Found" in attachments when selecting the Folder Report Type.
  • The PrinterLogic client icon now appears, as designed, for Citrix sessions.
  • Weekly scheduled reports are now sent only once each time.
  • Monthly scheduled reports show the previous month record as intended for the Records Report Type.
  • HP Mac driver now fully uploads as it should.

Known Issues

  • Mobile print jobs are not being auto-released; as a workaround, just release mobile print jobs manually.
  • Following an update from 17.1, badge IDs stored in Active Directory are switched over to the PrinterLogic database.
  • Print Job Costs templates that have a paper type with undefined costs will return an incorrect error message.
  • Alerts on Windows Print Server Links printers are not working.
  • The GCP Printer Activation window in the Google Cloud Print tab appears blank.
  • The Continue button in the Google Cloud Print tab displays a text cursor rather than a pointer.
  • On Konica-Minolta printers, the Reader cannot be initialized. LDAP Binding is missing in the PrinterLogic administrator configuration error message appears as Login Option #2.
  • On Konica-Minolta printers, the Control Panel Application login option for ID/PIN only is not functioning.
  • The Print Job Records Report "auto-populate" filter is not functioning on several report types.
  • Mobile access to the Self-service Portal does not function on an IP range if inherited permissions are not granted.
  • The Control Panel Application will not install on Toshiba printers if badge is disabled.
  • In the Print Job Records report, color print jobs are being recorded as black/white.
  • On Lexmark printers, scanning a registered badge while the "Badge ID not found, contact administrator" is on the screen does not register the badge.
  • When enabled, the Capture Printer Port option does not appear on the Admin Console Client menu.
  • Microsoft Office Email Printing fails on Windows Server 2012R2.